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Weekly Photo Challenge: Edge (of Glass)

Why is glass green when viewed edge on? I wondered this today as I looked at the glass slats on the windows of our Tanzanian home. 

Google is a great resource for such trivia. It seems the colour is a result of iron impurities which impart a slight green tinge to most glass – the colour is amplified at the edge as you peer through a much thicker layer through  it’s length.

Apparently the iron is a legacy of the manufacturing process as it lubricates the passage of molten glass across  the smooth surface of molten tin during the formation of glass sheets. The only way to ensure flat glass!

So here is a submission to this week’s photo challenge edge.

Green Mwanza

Before arriving in Mwanza, I was led to believe that Mwanza was a brown city – with little greenery. I have to say my experience has been different. Mwanza, certainly Isamilo is very green. True the road ways are dusty and dry most of the time, but the verges are green and trees dominate the hillsides.

Green and Gold

T Minus 115

I think this is probably the best time of year on my journey to and from work. Spring is in full flood. This morning the scenery was shrouded in mist; shades of grey surrounding the world as I passed by.

This made the journey home this evening all the more impressive as I passed by a patchwork of golden yellow rapeseed infiltrating the vibrant green of conventional crops.

Unfortunately I never really get a chance to photograph it on my journeys to and from work so this is a written memory (photo  below is a Stock Photo).


The journey from Long Crendon to Waddeston via Winchendon Hill gives fantastic views on a sunny day. As well as the fields the verges are in harmony with dandelions peeking through the long grasses. In Whitchurch the palette changes with blue Wisteria and Ceonothus bushes against the walls of the houses. These are slightly ahead of our own which will soon come into bloom. Then it’s back to green and gold as I head down to Swanbourne. On the other side it’s fields full of lambs and on to Drayton Parslow, Bletchley then home.

I will definitely miss this journey in years to come. 🙂