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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh Morning Dew

A submission to the Weekly Photo challenge :Fresh. Morning Dew taken in our old garden back in the UK. I haven’t seen dew here in Tanzania it’s probably too hot.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh Air

This morning we awoke to a storm. After several weeks without, the fresh rains have finally brought relief. This morning’s downpour bringing with it fresh air and refreshing the ground and the plants upon it. There is nothing so fresh as the smell of the air after a rainstorm – the word “petrichor” (learned from watching Doctor Who of all things) is used to describe this smell. One storm doesn’t make a rainy season but perhaps it has started this morning.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh (Fruit)

When it comes to Fresh, the tropics do  well with Fruit. Forget the flavours of fruits back home in the West. Here the fruits taste so much better, probably because the time between tree and plate is so much less. The markets here  are full of fresh fruits.  In some restaurants you can buy big plates full of fresh fruit which is look appetising and taste delicious.

Both here in Tanzania and on my visit to South East Asia – fresh fruit was in abundance.



The Mekong Delta is the source of much of the fruit in Vietnam. We were treated to a selection on a visit to the Delta in 2013. Other pictures from Ho Chi Minh City, Nha Trang and Pleiku



Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh (Brewed Coffee)

When it comes to the weather here in Tanzania, the concept of Fresh is a difficult one. Here on the equator it has remained hot and steamy throughout the months we have been here at the moment it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter. So I was lacking inspiration for this week’s photo challenge and then I glanced at my freshly brewed coffee!  


Travel Theme: Fresh

This weeks Travel Theme is Fresh – here is my take on the theme

DSC00060There’s nothing like fresh fruit picked off the bush. I think Blackberries are probably my favorite although Raspberries run a close second and Strawberries third. These were picked in Whisby Nature Reserve near Lincoln in August 2008