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WPC :Look Up -Giant Fritillary

A submission to this week’s photo challenge :Look Up – looking up at this Fritillary from below – taken using the ‘selfie’ camera on the iPhone to get this unusual angle on this flower. I’ve shared this before but am happy to do again.Fritillary

Taken at Hidcote Manor – Oxfordshire in April 2014


We have two hibiscus plants in our garden, one red the other pink. They produce large flowers with ornate stamen. 

The flowers can be dried and turned into Hibiscus Tea (we don’t do this!).

This is possibly our drink of choice when not drinking coffee. You can buy it in all the supermarkets (which we do!). Rich and fruity tasting – very thirst quenching.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrast (Spikes)

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

A shameless reblog of an earlier post – it fits the theme by the contrast between the prickly globes transformed into the soft petalled spheres on theflowery bloom.  These are globe thistles

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between Me and the Beach

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Between


These Thrift flowers perched on the clifftop above Chapelporth near St Agnes in Cornwall lay between me and the beach below.




Along the coast some other yellow plants (Bird’s Foot Trefoil) at Trevaunance Cove.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art (4) at Chelsea

An entry to this week’s photo challenge. In honour of the opening of Chelsea Flower Show. These works of art are from our visit to Chelsea  way back in 2005.