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I’ve taken in recent years to getting a T-shirt with the flag of the country I am visiting. As yet I have not found one with a good Tanzanian Flag but I’ll keep looking.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Work of Art (7) – Flags

An entry to this week’s photo challenge I have always been fascinated by flags. Here are some examples of flags as art from across the world – Some familiar, Others less so. All iconic.


Thank You

T Minus 126
Today we got our 100th follower and have now surpassed 6000 views.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and following our blog. It is really appreciated. Happy Easter everyone. For those who are on holiday enjoy the break.

A question for those established bloggers out there. Does anyone know why some countries have shown up in one blog count but not another e.g. Japan, Pakistan, Zambia, Lithuania, Kuwait?

Flag Up!

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Visitors continue to view from across the world. Thanks to all for coming.

Stats courtesy of Flag Counter (from 1st March to date)

Painting the World with 3.5K

T Minus 149

I like statistics and as an avid consumer of Geographical data – the stats, indicating where visitors have viewed from, fascinates me. Today we reached 3,500 views!
Who are the visitors?

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