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Cutting Off Their Nose To Spite Their Face

Tomorrow we go to Rubondo Island in Lake Victoria – we’ve been looking forward to it for some time. Together with some fellow expats we have booked two nights, we hope to do a walking safari and a boat trip among other things. The literature quotes rates for East Africans, non-East Africans and Expatriates. We fall into the latter category which should mean prices are half those of non-East Africans (US and Europe etc).
Imagine our surprise, when it became clear that the expatriate rate no longer applies, other than for Park Entry. We had assumed that there had been a mistake in correspondence, since printed leaflets quote the old prices. Then a phone call revealed the truth. Suddenly the cost has virtually doubled. This as you can imagine is not good. The reason is apparently a Government directive.


We will still go and hope to make the best of our time – it is apparently a lovely place and we are still looking forward to it. We will try to do all the things we want to, but we may have to curtail some planned activities.

In a time when tourism is on the decline here – due to unwarranted fears over Ebola and Terrorism, the expatriate community can provide much needed income. However, we are not made of money.

As far as I can see it the authorities here are potentially pricing themselves out of the range of locally paid expats like ourselves. We who are paid in TzS are not going to be able to afford to do such things with any regularity at these prices. Short term gain will quickly turn to disaster.

Sometimes it feels like, that for some people, Wazungu (white people) are not really wanted here, certainly the Government wants to get as much money as possible from us. Yet on our modest incomes (which are well above the pay of local Tanzanians) we already contribute to the local economy, whether directly or indirectly, through our purchasing power. I have said before, I don’t mind paying more (I earn more and that’s fair), but there is a limit. Pricing us out of the market, in tourism will not be good for anyone, least of all the Tourism Industry!

A year ago this was what we were posting

Blogging across the Planet

T Minus 103

One of the fascinating things I have discovered in the past few months is the blogging community and the way you can get a real insight into every day life across the planet. As someone who enjoys seeing new parts of the world but who as yet seen such a small portion of the world outside of Europe it has been an eye opener.
It is also fascinating to see the locations of visitors recorded on the views counter day by day. We passed 9000 views yesterday so thanks to all who have been and read the musings of my daily life.



Some of you are anonymous – others I know through other Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Another group of visitors are fellow bloggers and it has been great to see your locations through the pictures taken and words written. I have tended to seek out expatriate bloggers living or travelling in a foreign land as this is something we are embarking on.
Other bloggers are photographers and fellow participants in the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Here are just a few of the blogs who with whom I have interacted. There are more to the right if you are interested.





























There are also some blogs about our future home



This is just a reflection of the travellers and photographers and writers from across the globe. There are many others and if I missed you off – no offence is meant. I have valued the likes, follows, views, visits and comments of you all.

Have a great Sunday or Monday depending where you are in the world. 🙂