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Uganda Retrospective : Botanical Gardens

Whilst in Entebbe we visited the Botanical Gardens. Planted by the British over 100 years ago the gardens are home to a variety of trees and wildlife. We decided to hire us a guide to show us around which was a worthwhile investment. The gardens are reputed to have been the location for the filming of the early Tarzan Films and we were shown the area where this was purported to have happened. We managed to see a number of bird species including a Crowned Hornbill. We also found a stray puppy, very much alone and neglected, which we gave to some locals after a few cuddles.

Uganda Retrospective: Entebbe Chimps 

Our day in Entebbe last week incorporated a visit to UWEC a zoo with a purpose and one of the highlights was seeing Chimpanzees. Although technically in a Zoo, these animals isolated on an island and were as wild as you could get in Entebbe. It made up for missing them at Murchison.  The group frolicked with each other, rolling up and down the hill, wrestling and making mischief.


“We’re goin’ to the Zoo Zoo Zoo”

Why would you go to a zoo in the middle of Africa? Seems a bit strange! Nevertheless that is exactly what we’ve done this morning. 

The “zoo” is actually the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) and it’s main purpose is to educate Ugandans about the wildlife around them; animals that many of them would never otherwise see. Game parks such as Murchison Falls are rarely visited by ordinary Ugandans, so this place fills a much needed gap and by educating Ugandans it makes it easier to protect the wildlife in the longer term.

We have just Ben to Murchison Falls and have already been to the Serengeti, so why did we need to go? For us the attraction is the hence to see Chimpanzees, Shoebill Stork and, above all, White Rhino. Time and budget have not allowed us to see these creatures in the wild whilst here and so it is a good opportunity to see them.



Other than these creatures there are animals that you would also usually see in a game park. Each of these had either been recovered from people’s homes or from illegal traders, or have been born in captivity.  The two white rhino are two of only seventeen in Uganda (all in captivity).