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End of Term

Finally we’re here at the end of Term One and The holidays are here and I feel ……exhausted.
Today we had an awards ceremony for the first three hours. Sadly Zanzibar (my house) were pipped to the Sports Day – winning more events overall but losing out on coming third more often than Pemba who one overall. The children won awards for outstanding (English, History and ICT for Bex) and most improved (PE for Matt). They also won awards for the school production. In dispersing the awards were musical and drama pieces from various groups of students.
Assembly was followed by two lessons and the ubiquitous Power Cut. Then tutor group parties to complete an early finish of school at 2:15. Three weeks break including a week in Zanzibar to come and a somewhat different Christmas / New Year to usual.

Thick and Fast Lasts

T Minus 35

As we enter the last 5 weeks in the UK the lasts come thick and fast.

  • Today was Anita’s last day at work and Bekah’s last day at school.
  • Tonight is Anita’s last Band Practice for Woburn Sands Brass Band.
  • Tomorrow is Bekah’s last Band Concert
  • Matt and Bekah both did their last paper round today.
  • This is our last weekend in MK
  • Sunday is our last Church Service at St Mary’s.
  • Tuesday is my last day at work

After what has seemed ages – suddenly we are approaching the end. Life is unravelling before us – as it must before we leave but it is a little disconcerting! 20140718-221851-80331620.jpg

the garden outside Anita’s office at the Open University.