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Today we are in Kampala. Kampala is obviously the Capital City of Uganda and a place we have used as a hub for our visits to Jinja and Murchison Falls.

Today is Easter Sunday and for us as Chritians THE most important Christian Holiday, remembering the death on the cross of Jesus on Good Friday and His Resurrection on Easter Sunday.

Kampala is also known in Christian circles as the centre of Watoto Church, home to the Watoto Children’s Choir and it’s Sponsorship Program for underprivilidged children.

When we planned our Uganda Trip we quickly realised we were going to be in Kampala on Easter Sunday – so what better place to visit than Watoto Church. They have several services on a Sunday (8am, 10am, 12noon, 2pm) at a number of locations across the city and we opted for the 12noon service at the nearest centre. 

Watoto Church Building (one of many)

As we arrived we passed through a security cordon – bags were searched and we past through a security screen) certainly the first time I have been frisked going into church but security is tight everywhere in Kampala at the moment – especially those places Western or Christian!

Entering the building we were directed upstairs to the auditorium, the main hall must have seated 1000 and was full. We tried upstairs where another 300+ were seated and squeezed in. The auditorium was enormous.  


Worship was lead by a group of four singers/musicians backed by other musicians and a large choir on either side.  


The songs were all new to us but easy to learn and very much in keeping with the Easter Theme.

Notices focussed very much on the outreach programmes and a collection was taken. The preacher was from an affiliated church group in Canada it was a  very powerful sermon.  The theme Resurrection Power focussed on the commission given by Jesus to his disciples and Christians down the ages, after his resurrection.

People were welcoming and friendly. Though with so many the idea of tea /coffee at the end and any social interCtion was limited. Much of this in such a large congegation occurs through cell groups. This was certainly the largest church service I have ever been to and an amazing way to celebrate Easter Day.  


Happy Easter everyone.


Today is the beginning of Lent, which is the run up to Easter. Although I am a Christian I don’t always do Lent which is quite a traditional ‘celebration’, in which Christians give up some form of indulgence. In history they gave up eggs, fats and milk as part of preparing for Easter. The process called ‘shriving’ gives rise to Shrove Tuesday and the eating of Pancakes, which used up the surplus eggs, milk and fats in advance.
Although I don’t always partake I have in the past given up sugar in tea and coffee (something with which I persisted after Easter, having become accustomed to the taste) and crisps and biscuits (which I didn’t continue after Easter).
This year Anita and I have both decided to give up alcohol, principally beer. Here in Mwanza we drink more alcohol than when we were in the UK, never to excess but even so enough to add sugar to the diet which has meant I, in particular, have maintained rather than lost weight. We intend to restrict ourselves, where possible to low calorie sodas or water in place of alcohol, so we don’t replace one form of sugar with another. Not easy here as most soda is ‘sugar full’, but we’ll try. Going tee-total is definitely going to be hard but worth it in the end.




A year ago this was what we were posting

Red Letter Days

T minus 124

Today is a Red Letter Day. These are days of special significance. The term comes from the practice of the church calendars of the Middle Ages where such days were written in Red Ink. Today is Easter Sunday and a special day for all Christians. I have shared in other posts more about this. This post is more about our changes.

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T Minus 124

Happy Easter to all our visitors, viewers and fellow bloggers.

Easter EGGS, Easter EGGS,
Lovely, Shiny, Easter EGGS.

An EGGS-otic, EGGS-pensive,
EGGS-plosion of taste,
An EGGS-traordinary EGGS-perience,
EGGS-ceptional EGGS-hilaration.

A foil wrapped,
Fondant Filled,
Chocolate Surprise

EGGS-cept that Easter is an
EGGS-ample of God’s
EGGS-traordinary love,
An EGGS-pression of God’s
EGGS-ceptional love.

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Mary Had A Little Lamb….

T Minus 126

Today is Good Friday. The start of the Easter Weekend. Beyond the Christian festival there are many traditions which have been added over the years, which maybe get in the way of the real story. Don’t get me wrong I love Easter Eggs and Hot Cross Buns – even so in 1993 I wrote this sketch / poem. I cannot claim the first verse which is the traditional nursery verse but the rest is mine. It was performed by One Way Drama Team in an Open Air Service in Bletchley, Milton Keynes on Good Friday.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument – 5






I could have chosen any number of crosses representing this lasting monument. However, this was taken on our trip to Rome & the Vatican in 2005

Vatican 002


Nothing more to say on this of all days




The April Fool

T Minus 143

Way back in 1994 I was a member of One Way Drama Team at St Mary’s Bletchley. That year Good Friday fell on April 1st (something that won’t happen again until 2067). I wrote the following poem as part of a sketch which we performed in an Open Air Service.
It was read by two narrators who alternated verses and  dressed as sideshow entertainers, around a tableau of the Crucifixion which acted out in silence the middle. Some might find it provocative (I hope not). Even so it is one of my favourites and I share it here.

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