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A Bereavement of Things

T Minus 3

Looking out through the water splashed glass at a towel I will use twice more; at a dressing gown I’ll not be able to take I stood in the shower composing the start of this blog. Continue reading

Back To Pack – Back To Reality

T Minus 4

The title says it all, we have returned to Abingdon, where we left two weeks ago to go on holiday.

After two weeks away we must face the reality. When we left our house in MK we weren’t quite ready. The last few hours involved dumping everything else into bags, boxes and cases with very little time to sort. We have purchased things in Newquay and Lincoln which we need to take and need to be more ruthless with that we still possess.

So today we embark on the task of resorting, repacking and dumping the remainder (and it’s still a big remainder!).

We are almost certainly going to exceed our limit – but we need to reduce this to a minimum. We have electronic weighing scales and we need to get to as as close as 2x 23kg per person each as possible.

This is an early post ’cause there’s still lots to do, so we’d better get on with it!

Here’s a video of a song from the early ’90s based on my blog entry (not).

Dumping and Sorting

T Minus 42

Tonight’s jobs included a trip to the recycling centre (dump) to ditch more stuff. Stuff which was considered worthy of keeping but now needs to go.
Now I am reuniting CD’s with their cases prior to storing. We have the mp3 versions ripped from the disk and transferred to iTunes. The overall volume of disk and case is less than the case and storage pod used until now, do it has to be done. It’s a mammoth task though.20140711-202119-73279224.jpg


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Anita’s parents took other boxes to be given to charity shops. We’re getting there – slowly!


T Minus 160


Saturdays are probably my favourite day of the week. Waking up in the morning with a whole day ahead of you and a blank page upon which to write your life.

At the moment (of course) life is pretty full of sorting, shredding, boxing (things not people), dumping (things not people!!), tidying, painting the list goes on… And so Saturday is pretty much mapped out.

Today Anita is out at Woburn Sands Band Playing Day. Matt is off on a youth weekend away and Bex will be off to a party soon. So here am I.

This morning has been a mix of dumping and then food shopping, before putting a wash out (it’s dry and sunny).This afternoon the joys of gloss paint await.

Later we are heading out to a friends Big Birthday Bash. This is actually a fund-raiser at a local Leisure Centre in aid of various African Development Projects. However, this deserves a post of its own so more later. I’d better get painting before Anita gets back!