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Christmas Decs in a Hot Dec

It somehow doesn’t seem quite right putting up decorations in T-Shirt and Shorts; drinking mulled wine on the verandah whilst carols play in the background; but it’s good to keep up the tradition. 

Advent is here and Christmas is coming, whether my Northern Hemisphere brain is able to cope with the dichotomy or not! 

       Our Christmas Palm  Outside     More traditional inside            


 Mulled wine to finish


Maybe because it’s we’re far from the UK. Maybe the surreal weather. Maybe just because it’s a quiet weekend but we decided to put our decorations up. Continue reading


It will soon be Christmas and we will, as usual start decorating the house on Advent Sunday. This year we are restricted to our Christmas Lights from home – packed in our cases when we came over. We will need to source some Christmas Decorations locally – perhaps using foliage as a fellow resident has done to manufacture an advent wreath.

Today, however I discovered some Poinsettia growing on the compound. Not the tiny shrubs we see in the UK but a great big bush on the compound. We will need to take a sprig or too, or maybe even find a bush to plant from the local garden centre.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Zig Zag at Christmas

A submission to this week’s photo challenge – Zig Zag.

Decorations Zig Zagging across our old Christmas Tree

Decs 031 Decs 033