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Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement in the Garden

A submission to this week’s photo challenge – achievement.

In the Spring/ Summer of 2003 as part of a plan to tidy up our previous garden, after the building of a conservatory. I embarked on building a deck with the help of my father in law. Following some preliminary digging and levelling by Anita and I as well as my own dad.This has to be one of my greatest achievements and the deck was much used over the next 11 years. I am especially proud of the trellis-work which was completed by me alone. The photos originally appeared in my blog post Damson & Ash.

Cutting Back and Measuring Up

T minus 61

This afternoon has been spent in the garden. Cutting back the Wisteria and clearing the deck. It’s been several weeks since we’ve had the chance to get out there and we needed to. Especially as our garden tools are going this evening.20140622-150458-54298488.jpg







20140622-151856-55136852.jpgMeanwhile Anita has been measuring up the furniture (table, shelving, piano keyboard) prior to putting up for sale.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Room (on Deck)

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge : Room. Our decking serves as an outdoor room in the Summer months (when it’s not raining!)20140607-155713-57433317.jpg



Damson & Ash

T minus 135

The past two days I have been putting a second coat of stain on the decking area. Mum so ably having provided the first coat when she was here.


First the Summer Damson for the balustrade, trellis and path. It’s amazing how the colours fade overtime and this was particularly noticeable as I painted the trellis – the algae green showing up brightly against the damson purple which gradually replaced it.


Day two has been spent re painting the deck itself, along with the gate and fence in Ash Black – removing all traces of blue.

I am particularly proud of the balustrade and the trellis as this was all my work 11 years ago. My most major piece of DIY to date.

I put the path down in 2003 with the help of my dad along. Eleven years ago the deck was mostly constructed by Geoff with my help.

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Many a late Spring and Summer gas been spent on the Deck, although the British weather has often curtailed us.






Painting ’till we’re Black and Blue

T minus 146

The deck always was blue but weathering had toned it down. So on reflection and having seen the brightness of the newly painted blue deck we have decided to lose the blue.

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Mum on Deck

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