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Corsica 1989

The latest in a series of past travels – for more see Travels section.

In 1989 I embarked on my first Oak Hall Holiday to Corsica (France). Oak Hall is a Christian Holiday Company organising holidays across the world. Popular with young Christian singles it also appeals to older people and some couples. I travelled with a university friend (Jon) and another friend of his from Chorley Wood in London. These pictures are from a time when I did not keep a chronological diary so a representative of the holiday.

First Time Flyer

My first ever plane flight from Gatwick to Ajaccio. This was a very exciting time for me, though I was 23 I had never had the opportunity to fly.

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Our Campsite
Located on the coast near to the capital Ajaccio was our campsite for the next two weeks. A great place for the beach, where we could try out windsurfing and water skiing. Evening barbecues and a midnight swim were highlights.

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The capital of Corsica.

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A Rugged Landscape
Corsica has a mountainous interior with steep cliffs descending to small bays and hidden coves.We took three main excursions; to Propriano by coach, to Sartène by coach and Bastia by train.

Coach to Sartène via Propriano

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Train to Bastia
The train to Bastia took us through the rugged interior of the island.

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The trip to Sartène took in a visit to an ancient Mesolithic settlement…..

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….then on to Sartène with it’s narrow streets.

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Water Park

A day trip to a local water park

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between (Buildings)

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Streets are the arteries that run between our buildings in our towns and cities. I could have chosen streets from any number of places I’ve been to, but decided to showcase one town on one island in the Mediterranean.

These pictures of the narrow picturesque streets of Sartenne in Corsica. They have recently been scanned as part of digitising our lives in preparation for our move to Tanzania.

I took these photos way back in 1989  in an era where I didn’t journal at all so the memories are vague. The photos are definitely Sartenne as I have postcards to back them up 🙂