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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Saturday) Morning (Tanzania)

A contribution to this week’s photo challenge : Morning

A typical Saturday Morning in Tanzania involves a pot of fresh brewed coffee in a Cafetière – sat on the Verandah and watching the birdlife.

The next best thing!

Here in Tanzania there are many things we have to go without entirely – cinema for example (although rumour has it the new shopping mall will have one). Other things have needed to be substituted.

Anita and I used to enjoy a ‘coffee’ at Costa while in the UK, but the nearest Costa is thousands of miles away.

There are some good coffee shops in Uganda – notably in Jinja and Mbale, but what about Mwanza. Here at home the next best option is the Coffee Shop in the Gold Crest Hotel. Here you can get a Mocha Shake and Iced Spiced Macchiato, Cappuccino etc.

   It’s not Costa but it’s the next best thing.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh (Brewed Coffee)

When it comes to the weather here in Tanzania, the concept of Fresh is a difficult one. Here on the equator it has remained hot and steamy throughout the months we have been here at the moment it just seems to be getting hotter and hotter. So I was lacking inspiration for this week’s photo challenge and then I glanced at my freshly brewed coffee!  


Little Things

Little things can mean a lot here and when you lose them you realise how far you are from home. Continue reading

Friday Costa

T Minus 70

It’s a ritual. It started two years ago. At the time Anita was recovering from Her broken arm and undergoing physiotherapy on a Friday afternoon. I was able to finish work early for a few weeks and we always would pop to our local Costa (a UK coffee house franchise) for a drink after the session. It’s become a routine, not every Friday, but most Fridays. Usually for me it’s a Skinny Mocha, for Anita a Toffee Creamy Cooler. Today however (given the heat) it was a Strawberry & Lime Cooler for both of us. It’s a nice routine to have.

I imagine that Mwanza is unlikely to have a Costa let alone a Starbucks 🙂 , although Tanzania is a coffee growing country – we’ll need to find another weekly treat. I’ll miss my Costa Coffee though.