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Difficult Decisions

Getting rid off house workers was not an easy decision and was not taken lightly. Unfortunately the blog post has led to some negativity from people who have hidden behind pseudonyms. I have not and will not approve such comments which do not reflect the true situation on our part. Trust is an important thing between employer and employee. Our aim in employing local Tanzanians to work for us was always to give something back and provide a good wage for honest work. Our house workers had a good wage at the top of the range locally. Had they asked for extra food we would have been generous. Stealing stuff is not good, especially for workers with experience of working in such environments (Foil is expensive here). Writing in other people’s books is discourteous in the least). I am saddened by both the situation and the response from a small minority. Settings have changed and so comments require an email address from now on.

My Views

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Thanks a lot for joining our journey to Tanzania.

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Thank You

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Today we got our 100th follower and have now surpassed 6000 views.

Thanks to everyone who is reading and following our blog. It is really appreciated. Happy Easter everyone. For those who are on holiday enjoy the break.

A question for those established bloggers out there. Does anyone know why some countries have shown up in one blog count but not another e.g. Japan, Pakistan, Zambia, Lithuania, Kuwait?

World View

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Views from across all continents.

Views from across all continents.

A month ago we started this blog. In that time we’ve had over 2300 views from all over the world and it’s not that long since we had our first 1000.  Thanks for reading.

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Dentists, Doctors and Dastardly Diggers


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I am writing this whilst waiting to have a filling at the dentist in sunny Milton Keynes. (It really is sunny by the way)

I hate going to the dentist and even more so when I need to have work done. Such is life and it’s all part of the routine of UK living. Soon that will change of course.

In front of me are the usual crop of magazines. Most are, of course out, of date. Magazines on Fashion, Home Improvement and Gardening as well as the ubiquitous OK Mag.

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