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Sport’s Day

Today there were no lessons. Today there we vacated Isamilo and moved to Kirumba Stadium in the in the centre of Mwanza. This was the former National Stadium for the Tanzania Football Team. Today it was the location of our Sport’s Day.
The usual mix of Track and Field Events from 1500m down to 100m races and everything from Long Jump and Triple Hump to Discus, Shot and Javelin. There are three houses at Isamilo: Zanzibar (green), Pemba (blue) and Mafia (red), all named for the three main Islands off the coast of Tanzania and not Italian Gangsters! The kids and I are all in Zanzibar.
All in all it was a successful day and at last count Zanzibar were ahead, though final results won’t until the end of term once some additional events e.g High Jump are completed. Even the weather was dry and sunny which is amazing given recent events!