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Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces (at Angkor)

This contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Face comes from my visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia back in 2013. The pictures range from the ancient to the transient – can you guess which is which 😉

Weekly photo challenge: Angkor Doors

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door”

The ruins of Angkor Wat in Cambodia are fascinating – in particular the jungle temple where the trees have overgrown the entrances. These are more doorways than doors but still fit the theme.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure on Two Wheels

A submission to this week’s photo challenge on the theme of Adventure.

Just over a year ago I was visiting Angkor Wat in Cambodia – unlike most visitors who were confined to Tuk Tuks, we went on mountain bikes courtesy of Grasshopper Tours – I would heartily recommend this as you get to visit temples deep in the jungle that others don’t get to see,


What an adventure it was!

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Ancient) Room

Ancient Room

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge : Room

Taken at Angkor Wat near Siem Reap in Cambodia. A place full of ancient rooms. Some like these had been swallowed up by the jungle before being rediscovered. Others within the main Angkor Wat complex are more in tact but show the ravages of time none the less.




T Minus 131


As part of an aim to blog earlier travels before leaving for Tanzania,  the Cambodia Page is now live with content.

Follow the link to see much more detail and more pictures. 😀 Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Monument – 2

Two very different monuments from Cambodia – one ancient and glorious the other modern and horrific. Both a testament to the Cambodian past which MUST NOT be forgotten. Continue reading