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A Bird a Day in June: Day 7 – African Paradise Flycatcher

Day 7 of a series illustrating some of the fantastic birds we see here on Lake Victoria and across Tanzania. Many of these are seen in our garden like this regular visitor.

African Paradise Flycatcher

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Back to Nature

Realising that I haven’t posted any pictures from the garden I thought I’d share a few of the more recent pictures. Whether it’s the imminent start of the rainy season or the fruiting mango tree but recently we have started to find monkeys on the compound. These have driven the local birds into a frenzy along with the guard dog who has had something other than mongooses to chase.

Other than this we have had a few new birds including an Spotted Thrush of some kind and another Thrush-like bird (identity unknown).

Spectacular Garden Visitor

This morning we had an amazing visitor to our garden. I was only able to get one good shot of the bird so here it is.

IMG_2772 (2)

African Paradise Flycatcher