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Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement on Top of a Mountain

There is nothing more satisfying than looking down from the top of a Mountain or Hill after a climb. The mountains in the Britain are small by world standards (we live here in Tanzania at an altitude higher than anywhere in England, Wales or Ireland). Nonetheless here are some views from the tops of Hills or Mountains – as examples of achievements for this week’s photo challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement in the Garden

A submission to this week’s photo challenge – achievement.

In the Spring/ Summer of 2003 as part of a plan to tidy up our previous garden, after the building of a conservatory. I embarked on building a deck with the help of my father in law. Following some preliminary digging and levelling by Anita and I as well as my own dad.This has to be one of my greatest achievements and the deck was much used over the next 11 years. I am especially proud of the trellis-work which was completed by me alone. The photos originally appeared in my blog post Damson & Ash.