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Weekly Photo Challenge: (Feathered) Partners

A submission to this week’s photo challenge: Partners this one focus on the birds seen in our garden – part of my bird a day in June series

Weekly Photo Challenge: (European) Partners

This week’s photo challenge is on the theme of Partners – on this sad day for Europe I share this montage of European Cities I’ve visited in the various countries of the EU. All partners  Austria, Czech Republic ,Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy and Spain.

Then there’s Britain – who after today no longer wants to be a partner. 😥

Jubillee Flotilla (27)



Weekly Photo Challenge: Theme Park Curves

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge : Curve

The curves at a theme park are what make the rides thrilling.

Taken at Alton Towers in the UK in July 2014.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Pure Song

A submission to this week’s photo challenge :Pure

We are privileged to have a number of birds visit our garden. Some of these have the most amazing songs – here are three. Grey-capped Warbler, Spotted Morning Thrush and White-browed Robin Chat. They can find these birds and others in a series of blogs this month.

Weekly Photo Challenge : Pure Water

A submission to the Weekly Photo Challenge : PureIMG_5045

Water here is not something you drink out of the tap. It has to be boiled and filtered first. Out and about you have to buy water in bottles – as here on the road near Singida on our return to Mwanza last summer. The bus had broken down and stuck by the roadside in the heat – the water was very much in need.


WPC: Numbers (on their shells)

A second submission to this week’ photo challenge :Numbers

Taken on Prison Island, Stone Town, Zanzibar back in December 2014. You can read the full post here but here isa quote from the original post.

When under British Protection the Governor of Zanzibar was friendly with the Governor of the Seychelles. As part of a gift exchange Zanzibar was given four Aldabra Giant Tortoises in 1919. These bred quickly and soon numbered over 200, but theft saw numbers reduce to only 7 by 1996. Finally with the help of World Animal Protection a program was put in place to build an enclosure and return tortoises, some found in Dar Es Salaam. Now numbers are are approximately 170. The oldest of these is 191 and there are several over 100 years old. Anita and I were both able to find tortoises who were our age (mere youngsters by comparison).

The tortoises all had numbers painted on their backs – indicating the age of the tortoise.

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Countless Stars Beyond) Numbers

A submission to this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge :Numbers

Countless stars beyond number.

These images taken of the night sky in Malawi last summer – the skies were so dark I got some great shots of the milky way – countless stars, thousands of light years,  billions of miles.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spare (The Turtle)

Another contribution to this week’s photo challenge:Spare. It was not my intention to give my contributions an animal theme, but today’s events give no option.

Coming out of church we discovered a group of boys with a bag – in the bag was a turtle. They were probably going to sell for food for money. So we decided to spare the turtle it’s fate and pay for it with a spare 5000TzS (£1.56) change. 

Then we took it in the car to a local marsh where we let it loose.

Hopefully it will live to see another day. It turns out to have been a William’s Mud Turtle.

WPC: Spare (A Thought for the Rhino)

This week’s photo challenge is on the theme of Spare in all it’s connotations.

  1. (adjective) Additional to what is required for ordinary use.
  2. (adjective) Elegantly simple.
  3. (verb) To refrain from harming.

As far as the first definition – this really does not apply – there are far too few Rhinos and certainly not additional to anything

The second definition applies in part to these amazing animals – simple grey colour and in it’s own sense elegantly designed. They are also extremely scarce in their landscape – so sparcely are they distributed having been hunted to near extinction.

The final definition is perhaps the most poignant -we should stop harming these creatures before it’s too late.

These photos taken from our trip to Uganda last year – not in the wild sadly but in a Zoo – one which seeks to bring ordinary Ugandans face to face with their own wildlife and to educate them on the threats to their wildlife. There are very few Rhinos left in East Africa where once 500,000 Rhinos existed there are now 29,000 or so. In Uganda the White Rhino was wiped out and is only now being re-introduced.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces (at Angkor)

This contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Face comes from my visit to Angkor Wat in Cambodia back in 2013. The pictures range from the ancient to the transient – can you guess which is which 😉

Weekly Photo Challenge: [Flying Across the] Face of the Moon

A contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Face.

I wanted to do something less obvious for this challenge. 

I was standing in the garden looking at the half moon in the late afternoon sky and at the same time watching the birds riding high on the thermals (Kites, Marabou Storks) and Pied Crows moving laterally across. I wanted to get some pictures of birds flying across the face of the moon. 

A quirk of positioning generating a line between my eyes, the moving bird several hundred meters high, the moon almost 240000 miles away and split second timing, added to which the birds movements were not entirely predictable. Not an easy and task, but made a little easier by the number of birds.

There were some near misses….

 ….some close shaves

….. and finally the shots I wanted.

The focusing was a challenge too!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth (Below)

A final submission to this week’s photo challenge: Earth. If possible I like to get some snaps of the earth from the plane whenever I go flying – these were taken at various points on the journey from Qatar to London in 2013 at the end of my trip to Vietnam  and Cambodia (the first half of the journey having taken place overnight). Pictures here from Qatar, Iraq, Turkey, Central Europe and UK (London)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth (Cultivating the Hills)

Our recent trip to Rwanda took us right through this small country from the border to Kigali and Gisenyi and back again.

One of the most surprising things was the degree to which this tiny country has cultivated the earth from valley floor to mountain peak. Here is my second submission to this week’s photo challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Earth – 1

This is my contribution to this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge :Earth.

Our earth is an amazing place So I thought I’d share some pictures of the fabulous places I have visited across this planet in recent years in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract Dinnertime

A third submission to this week’s photo challenge on the theme of Abstract, but could equally qualify for last week’s dinnertime photo challenge too.

Whilst waiting for dinner at a Pizza Restaurant on our last night in Kigali we messed around with exposure and movement resulting in some abstract family pics. We possibly love inked a little silly as we moved about but thankfully the restaurant was quiet. The pizza at Sole Luna was excellent,  by the way.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract Flight

A second submission to this week’s photo challenge on the theme of Abstract.

Taken on the return journey from Rwanda as we crossed the Busisi Ferry we were bombarded by tens of thousands of Lake Flies. These were swarming around the floodlights on the boats and at the suggestion of my son we took a long exposure picture of their flight paths.

 Each insect illuminated by the beams and blurred into a mesh of patterns, almost fur like.

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Garden)Abstract

A response to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Abstract

Wind Chime Broken BrickworkHibiscus Flower

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime (for the Birds)

A submission to this weeks photo challenge Dinnertime. With a little artistic license as these photos were taken at Breakfast – but the African Pied Kingfisher certainly enjoyed his fish ‘dinner’.

Taken at Mwanza Docks –  on route to Rubondo Island February 2015.

A second Dinnertime a few months later at Wag Hill Lodge near Mwanza – this time a Swap Fly Catcher eating a Dragonfly for ‘dinner’.



Weekly Photo Challenge : Dinnertime at Papa’s

Every so often we like to escape Mwanza and head out West along the lake to a restaurant called Papa’s. As well as a meal you get to see some wildlife with your dinner. Here from a selection of visits over the past 18 months, is my contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Dinnertime

Weekly Photo Challenge: Millennial Future

Another submission to this week’s photo challenge.

Each New Year we towards the Future with hope and anticipation. No New Year was more anticipated than that of the new millennium which as far as we were concerned was Dec 31st 1999/Jan 1st 2000 (I know there is debate about whether it really should have been a year later!).

We travelled with the family to Penzance in Cornwall for a family celebration. This was early in the days of the Internet, before Social Media and Smartphones (we had one mobile phone between us and it was a Nokia 8210, on which the most advanced technology was texting!). We still used film in our cameras and played music on the newly invented CD or old fashioned tape/vinyl.

Looking to the future in 1999 we thought hopefully on the future – the Cold War was over and we had not imagined the horrors of 9/11 or 7/7 etc.

We were a family of three and lived in the UK – little did we anticipate that we would be living and working in Africa  with two teenage children less than 15 years on.

Who know  what the future holds – it is an  unknown factor over which we have only a little control.