Daily Archives: August 9, 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge: (Misty) Morning

A contribution to this week’s photo challenge  on the theme Morning.

Taken back in 1992 on a sailing trip to Netherlands on a misty morning in Vlushing.

Morning Star (19d)

Sunrise in Vlushing

Familiar Haunts: Nottingham University

Our time in England has been a time of reminiscing, firstly back in MK and now in Lincoln. These two places where I lived for 38 years in total are so familiar, but for four years in between these two places I lived in Nottingham so it was good to visit the place I spent my University Years.

Nottingham University

I spent two years living on Campus in Halls and a total of four years studying my degree and PGCE – the place is familiar, yet in 28 years the place has changed a lot.

Once place which has changed little is the University Park