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Snake Alive

You probably have one of two reactions on seeing the title of this post – in fact I’m pretty certain some won’t even have got beyond the title and the featured image. Others will read this nervously, hopefully others will be genuinely interested without prejudice.

In the almost two years I have been here I have not yet seen a live snake in the wild. Indeed until this past month not even a dead one though sadly I have more recently.

At 7:30 am yesterday that all changed returning to the compound after an early morning drop off We found the guards agitated. They had found a poisonous snake in the watch mans shed – it had just digested a rat.

They were convinced it was poisonous and deadly and wanted to kill it.  We were less convinced and wanting proof of it’s supposed deadliness I posters picture on the Facebook Group -East African Snakes and other Reptiles. I had a response within 10 minutes. It’s turns out not to be a black mamba, not venomous at all, harmless (unless you’re a rat) brown house snake.

This animal is a constrictor and very good pest controller. Even posting this faction Facebook did not assuage my snake fearing friends – “kill it”, “ew gross”, “yuk” and the like. I for one am glad that we forced the guards to let it slither away to keep the rat population down.

A Bird a Day in June: Day 12 – Hadada Ibis

Day 12 of a series illustrating some of the fantastic birds we see here on Lake Victoria and across Tanzania. Many of these are seen in our garden like this regular visitor.

Hadada Ibis

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