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WPC: Numbers (on their shells)

A second submission to this week’ photo challenge :Numbers

Taken on Prison Island, Stone Town, Zanzibar back in December 2014. You can read the full post here but here isa quote from the original post.

When under British Protection the Governor of Zanzibar was friendly with the Governor of the Seychelles. As part of a gift exchange Zanzibar was given four Aldabra Giant Tortoises in 1919. These bred quickly and soon numbered over 200, but theft saw numbers reduce to only 7 by 1996. Finally with the help of World Animal Protection a program was put in place to build an enclosure and return tortoises, some found in Dar Es Salaam. Now numbers are are approximately 170. The oldest of these is 191 and there are several over 100 years old. Anita and I were both able to find tortoises who were our age (mere youngsters by comparison).

The tortoises all had numbers painted on their backs – indicating the age of the tortoise.

A Bird a Day in June: Day 7 – African Paradise Flycatcher

Day 7 of a series illustrating some of the fantastic birds we see here on Lake Victoria and across Tanzania. Many of these are seen in our garden like this regular visitor.

African Paradise Flycatcher

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