Lakeside Viewing

It’s a short half term here – just a couple of days and the weekend – still it’s nice to get a break and even though we’re not going away it gives us a chance to travel locally within in Mwanza to get some lakeside views.

Polluted as it is, Lake Victoria provides some great backdrops even though you wouldn’t swim in it. Our two favorite views in Mwanza are at Tunza Lodge and Talapia Hotel. Both are within 15mins by car. 

The weather of late has been warm and dry – the sought of warm you rarely get in the UK. The lakeside breeze is gentle and cooling, never cold.

Last night Anita and I went for a ‘sundowner’ at Tunza. This morning son and I went for breakfast at Talapia and then spent an hour or so lakeside whilst he did some English Lit Revision for upcoming exams away from the house. 

For those who know us,  daughter was invited too but did not want to come preferring to study at home.

Sundown at Tunza

Enjoying a Sundowner

Morning at Talapia

Some A Level Revision away from 4walls

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