Daily Archives: May 15, 2016

Weekly Photo Challenge: [Flying Across the] Face of the Moon

A contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge: Face.

I wanted to do something less obvious for this challenge. 

I was standing in the garden looking at the half moon in the late afternoon sky and at the same time watching the birds riding high on the thermals (Kites, Marabou Storks) and Pied Crows moving laterally across. I wanted to get some pictures of birds flying across the face of the moon. 

A quirk of positioning generating a line between my eyes, the moving bird several hundred meters high, the moon almost 240000 miles away and split second timing, added to which the birds movements were not entirely predictable. Not an easy and task, but made a little easier by the number of birds.

There were some near misses….

 ….some close shaves

….. and finally the shots I wanted.

The focusing was a challenge too!