A Boat Trip to the Hot Springs

One of the things we wanted to do whilst here in Gisenyi was to take a trip to the Hot Springs. A result geological conditions here in the Rift Valley and the location on the volcano ( Mt Nyiragongo) super heated water emerges from the rocks on the coast of Lake Kivu where it mixes with the lake waters.

Initially we intended to walk to the Springs (a 4 hour round trip) but whilst on the beach we encountered a man with a boat and negotiated a trip by water – much more relaxed. It also gave us a chance to view the coast from out in the lake, including the massive Nyiragongo Volcano across the border in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – see previous post

Our trip took a circuitous route out past the gas drilling platform avoiding it’s pipeline before heading around the coast.

Rounding the peninsular we approached a fishing village, this was also the location of the hot springs where we disembarked. Walking to the Spring we were shown to a bench and placed our feet on rocks in the hot waters of the lake, which had been cordoned off by sanbags. Two ladies then began a massage of arms and legs using the hot water which they rubbed onto the skin. The water in this pool was very warm – the temperature of a hot bath. There were other springs on land which were scaldingly hot as well as some in the lake which bubbled up into the lake water making the waters warm. After the massage we made our way to a second pool where I went for a dip in warm water – I will spare you the close up pictures!

The springs are sited opposite the local brewery which we passed upon our return. The boat sailed back past the peninsular and gas rig and on to the Congolese border before returning to the beach. Our return gave use excellent views of the Volcano plus a front row seat of a thunderstorm.


4 responses to “A Boat Trip to the Hot Springs

  1. Wow wow and wow! Getting lightning is special!

    On Sunday I was chatting with two acquaintances who are over in Ireland visiting their sons and parents. They are now working in Tanzania as when they emigrated from Zimbabwe some years ago they couldn’t find work here.

    The chat turned to my lack of work situation as I’ve now been out of employment for almost a year. I admitted that my thought are turning back to South Africa and that I’d sent off a CV. They suggested I look in Tanzania and maybe even Zambia as the currency is the US $. So, now I’ve widened my search area.

    While we were chatting I recalled your blog and boy, was it a great surprise to see you’d paid me a visit!

    I really enjoyed going through a few of your posts. You’ve given me a quick glimpse of what there is to see in Tanzania and surrounds!

    Add our situation to your prayer list and who knows, maybe we get to share a meal or twenty in the future! 😉 Thanks!! 😀

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    • Thanks for your kind comments they are appreciated – I hope you are successful in your efforts to find work wherever that may take you. Life here in Tz has it’s fair share of ups and downs, joys and frustrations but even now I do not regret leaving Europe and heading to Africa.

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