Daily Archives: February 4, 2016

One Hour in the Garden

I have often shared the wide variety of bird and animal life here on the Compound in Mwanza but I thought I’d give a flavor of what can be seen in about an hour on the verandah. All the birds below were seen.

  • Red-chested Sunbird
  • Variable Sunbird
  • Black-headed Gonolek
  • White-browed Robin-chat
  • African Firefinch
  • Green-winged Pytilia
  • Purple Grenadier
  • Speckled Mousebird
  • Grey-backed Cameroptera
  • Common Bulbul
  • African Paradise Flycatcher
  • Spectacled Weaver
  • Yellow-billed Black Kite

A number of the photos here were taken between 6pm and 7pm this evening, others are for reference purposes.

Not forgetting

  • Slender Mongoose