Rain Rain Go Away!

They’re called the short rains – they last from November until late December. So by all accounts they should be over by now, except they’re not. 

It doesn’t rain all the time in the rainy season – we’ve had some good days, but when it rains it pours torrents.   

 Today it torrented down for over an hour, washing away the roads as they turned to rivers. 

 In the aftermath vehicles were trapped in potholes and abandoned until eventually levered out.   


Most roads here are mud, compacted but vulnerable to the torrents which turn once flat roads into a network of dips and chasms. Cars must weave through the roads taking the best possible path.  

 Interestingly today’s worst route may become tomorrow’s route of choice as the roads erode further.  There is no immediate sign of repair and to do so in the rains would be an exercise in futility, but day by day they become more and more difficult to navigate, victims of El Niño. 

The long rains are supposed to come later and should last from March until May. At this rate the rains could well merge into one!

Note: Not all photos were taken today but are indicative  of today’s weather.

2 responses to “Rain Rain Go Away!

  1. Heather Sandiford

    We were so fortunate while we stayed with you for 3 weeks over Christmas – only having occasional short-lived downpours! Your photos are quite sensational!

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  2. Mom got stuck in Uganda in their small taxi bus, in November on their way the Hotel, luckily not the airport. But the roads are just as bad. Hope it breaks soon.

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