Turning 50

I can’t believe I’m 50. When I was young 50 seemed such a great age. Honestly 50 seemed old! Yet now I’m 50 – and I don’t feel old.

If “Life Begins at 40” then I’m already 10. I think in this modern era 50 is probably the new 40. In lots of ways I feel no different to how I was in my 20s. Yet I find myself entering  a decade which ends at 59.

My birthday celebrations begun before Christmas, with the arrival of Mum and Mum-in-Law in Tanzania.
 We had a great time in Moshi, before heading into the Serengeti. A fabulous Safari centered around an amazing balloon trip.
My birthday fortunately coincides with a Public Holiday – Zanzibar Day, which guarantees a day off every year 😉 However, this week’s celebrations began on  Monday evening, with a meal out with work colleagues at a local restaurant, “Charcoal Ribs”. A colleague celebrated his 40th on the same day as mine, so we held a joint 90th birthday meal.  

 After the meal a group us headed into town – I never thought I’d start my 50th in a night club but the first hour of Tuesday was spent at a local African club called Kiss Club. The mix of African rhythms was infectious and although our stay was short it was great fun!

Tuesday was the big day and it started with breakfast with my son at Tunza Lodge by the Lake. Thankfully after three days of rain the morning was bright and sunny. Sadly Public Holiday or not my wife was in work and my daughter on a school trip.  

 A short walk around the corner took us to Malaika Beach where we splashed out on pool passes until mid-afternoon. 

 Arriving home to find out garden transformed into a party venue. Friends from all over Mwanza gathered for a Joint 90th party. Live music a barbecue took us into the evening a great end to a fabulous day. 


My 40’s brought me promotion, my first visit to Africa (The Gambia), travel to Vietnam and Cambodia and a move abroad to settle in Tanzania

I wonder what my 50’s will bring –  it’s certainly been a great start.

3 responses to “Turning 50

  1. Heather Sandiford

    Congratulations Graham! You’ll never be this young again! Your Grandma -in-law is 95 and fighting fit, and your Great Grandmother-in-law lived to 100 so you could have your whole life to live over again! Make the most of every day!

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  2. Yeah…not far of either. Congrats on the 50. Try near 50 with 2 year-old. We understand life a little better and for most part can separate good stuff from the mundane.

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  3. Congrats on turning 50! You are right 50 is not old. You are as old as you think you are. As long as there is health, life at any age can be full of joy. My in laws are well into late 60’s and behave like teenagers. They party and visit the world and have such positive attitude to life. I hope to be like them some day.

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