Serengeti Review: Birds of Prey

We returned last weekend from a fabulous three days in the Serengeti, including a great balloon trip.

This is the second of a series of posts outlining the creatures we encountered – this time birds of prey


Last occasion we saw no vultures – so it was a real treat to see two species this time

Lappet-faced Vulture   

Rüppell’s Griffon Vulture  


We saw these birds in the Ngorogoro and Serengeti 

Eastern Chanting Goshawk  

Dark Chanting Goshawk


A Greater Kestrel at the entrance to the Serengeti  


This Steppe Buzzard aka Common Buzzard  


 African Fish Eagle

We caught this bird drying it’s wings in the sun.

Martial Eagle 

Flying high in the sky above the rim of the Ngorogoro crater

  Tawny Eagle  



Black shouldered kites were common throughout the Seronera and this juvenile was seen in a tree 


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