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Weekly Photo Challenge: Serengeti Gatherings

A second reponse to this weeks WPC :Gathering

We have just returned from the Serengeti from safari. There are many gatherings of animals there for different reasons.   Baboons gather on a branch.    A mixed gathering of Zebra and Impala on the plains.  Vultures gathering for the kill.  Elephants gathering at the water hole.  Oxpeckers gather on the backs of giraffe.   Masked weavers gather in certain trees to nest.    Wildebeest gathering on the plains for their annual migration.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Gathering

For the first offering In the weekly photo challenge: Gathering I am going for the obvious. 

The arrival of our mother’s for Christmas has brought us a gathering for the first time since 2013.  

Though other members of the family remain at home it’s good to gather for Christmas.