Two Days at Kipepeo

It’s gone far too quickly but we’ve had a couple of days here on Kipepeo Beach Village just South of Dar Es Salaam.  

  A night here staying B&B in a chalet for paying guests is $85 (£56) which makes it a little more than a Travel Inn back in the UK, but a little pricey for us. However, we won the stay here in a silent auction earlier this year so it has been a little luxury for a fraction of the price, our bid was 30000TZS (£9.31). Cheap flights bought well in advanced added little more to our costs overall.

We have stayed in a two storey beach chalet. Locally made these stilted chalets have an upstairs bedroom with a balcony overlooking a forested area and ground floor shower/toilet. 

From the balcony it has been possible to see all manner of bird life including bee-eaters, tinker birds, bou bous, batises as well as the ubiquitous bul buls, mousebirds and sparrow. 

 The houses are sited at the rear of the complex through a tree-lined “tunnel” which is illuminated at night.


 The main beach complex consists of a bar/restaurant and a beach front lines with mwanvuli (thatched umbrellas).  







 South Beach is the best beach to be at not least because the current runs South to North here so that none of pollution of Dar comes this way. 
  The sand is white, the sea azure blue, small islands on the horizon and in truth an ugly red tanker off-shore, a reminder of our proximity to the natural deep water harbour of Dar Es Salaam. 
Even so the tanker does not detract too much and the waters are lovely and warm, there are dhows aplenty sailing over the waters and corals washed up on the beaches along with some unfortunate starfish. 

 The whole stay has been relaxing and peaceful. We have enjoyed our weekend. 


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