Daily Archives: October 22, 2015

Election Fever

It’s almost upon us – in three days time the country will decide and so will end months of rallies and political speeches.

The country will vote in local elections, for MPs and for a new President. There are a number of parties (including ACT) but in reality there are two main parties CCM and Chedema. 

 The ruling party CCM have never lost an election and have governed Tanzania since independence in 1962 – Nyerere’s party is probably likely to win again but….

  Locally Chedema is popular and won the election  5 years ago. Mwanza is firmly in opposition territory and along with Moshi, Mbeya and Arusha are likely to vote the same way again. 

Indeed a former leader of CCM has defected to Chedema and has made this election much closer to call than anticipated.  


 It is difficult to know what might happen after the results are announced  next Wednesday. Last time there were some problems in town and many ex-pats are leaving for the week – traveling overseas or to quiet parts of the country. We too are heading out of town (but in country) of which more in a later post.

As I write here a noisy rally is taking place nearby- in fact the two Presidential candidates have spent a lot of time here in the last fortnight. Each day trucks loaded up with speakers troll the roads blasting out messages from as early as 7am.  



 The crowds at both Chedema and CCM rallies have been joyous and good natured from what we have seen so far but will that change when inevitably one of these parties lose the election. Some doommongers predict dire consequences in the post- election fallout others are more relaxed feeling nothing will happen. In reality it will probably be somewhere in between.