The Pits

Day by day we produce a lot of waste – sadly there is no recycling here other than for glass bottles which are taken back to the shop/ bar for a returned deposit.

Plastics, metals and paper packaging are just thrown away. It doesn’t matter how much we might look after our rubbish – in the end it’s going to be dumped by someone or burned. Quite hard when we came from one of the recycling pioneers, Milton Keynes.

One way we do recycle our waste is in the Pit. We had one dig out by the Askaris just after we arrived and it takes all our organic refuse.

We have just filled our old pit and so today we have had another one dug. Over the year all the vegetable matter, bones, egg shells, tea bags etc will go in. We have just covered over our old pit with some soil so over the next few months it should all mulch down to a compost.

 The soil here is quite poor in terms of nutrients so hopefully this will help in time to come.

The new pit, like the old will attract the animals, the compound dogs, our cat, mongooses and various birds will go in there from time to time.

22 Compound Life (22) Compound (9)

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  1. Well done for doing your recycling bit! 😊👍♻️

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