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weekly photo challenge: Zanzibar Doors

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door”

At Christmas we visited Zanzibar and spent a few nights in Stone Town renowned for its ornate carved doors. Some were in a state of disrepair others pristine – here are a selection.

Mwanza Overview

This afternoon we have met up with an American expat friend of ours for lunch and a chat. It was good to talk.    IMG_1785

We went to a local Hotel for a meal. The Pigeon has an affordable restaurant with great views over Mwanza.

We’ve only been at night before but in the afternoon sunshine we had an amazing insight into ordinary Mwanzan life as we looked down from the seventh floor on the houses below.

In these houses, hidden behind the shop fronts everyday life goes on in Mwanza, cooking, washing, preparing foods, children playing all observed from high above. A unique perspective on Mwanzan life.