It’s A Fine Day

One of the best things about living here is that most of the time you wake up to a fine sunny morning. Not 100% of the time to be true, but outside of December and April (the rains) it has been the case most of the year. What is more the weather, rains or not, tends to be hot in the day.

Today we are off to Papas a restaurant on the lake about an hour North of Mwanza. We’ve been once before, back in October in our pre-car days. Then we had to rely on lifts, now we have wheels. This is a delayed birthday treat for my 17 yr old – but I digress!

I found myself earlier this week thinking “what if the weather isn’t good?” a legacy of my British upbringing.  I quickly corrected myself! As a NGO, who is returning soon to live in Canada,  stated yesterday  – it’s going to be strange having to check the weather forecast every morning to see what to wear. 

Here it is usually dry and sunny,  occasionslly (but predictably) wet, always warm. So today It’s a Fine Day.


4 responses to “It’s A Fine Day

  1. Must be great not having to pack clothes for all weathers when you go away or even for a day out – knowing you won’t need that fleece/cagoule! And you can plan a BBQ and not end up having to cook it indoors!

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  3. Have a wonderful time at Papas and enjoy the scenery! 🙂


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