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Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Intricate.”

Kampala is a congested city. The streets full of  minibus taxis and Boda Bodas (motorbikes). The taxi park here is so full of taxis that they form an intricate mesh of metal.

The streets are so full of slow moving traffic the Boda Bodas need to weave in and out of the stationary vehicles.

The Places You Go and The People You Meet!

One of the best things about traveling is meeting different people. So our recent Ugandan trip was fabulous not just for the places we visited (Kampala, Jinja, Murchison Falls, Mbale, Sipi Falls, Entebbe) but also those we encountered on the way. Our encounters were brief, a few hours at most, but it was interesting to here about other places.

There was the minister at the Ugandan border, British born – living in Kigoma off for a weeks break. Stories of travels to the DRC and Burundi.

The NGO’s in Jinja living a life in a provincial Ugandan town. Another NGO on holiday from South Sudan who shared our Nile Cruise and White Water rafting. Her tales of life in Juba and working in South Sudan were enlightening.31d Nile Cruise (67)

Then our fellow rafters. Two couples, one Norwegean, the other British. In both cases one partner was working on a short term placement in Uganda (Norwegean Teacher, British doctor), the other partner visiting. It was interesting to share about life overseas and to talk education with one of the partners, a British Design Tech teacher about the state of education back home, and to the other about life in Norway.

01 Nile Rafting (1)

In Murchison there was a family of expats working in the diplomatic service and now living in Kampala. In Mbale two doctor NGOs working in pediatrics, and the NGO volunteers working with JENGA and Olivia from SMB,  inspiring young people working to improve the lives of poor people.

 At Sipi Falls the couple,  he South African but UK based a former NGO in South Sudan, she a Swiss NGO working in the DRC, both meeting up in Uganda for holiday. This seemed to be a common theme throughout our time in Uganda. More information about South Sudan, the DRC and the life of an NGO.

07b Sipi Falls (208)

It is unlikely that we will ever meet these folk again but it was good to talk and share experiences.