Daily Archives: April 27, 2015

Weekly Photo Challenge: Slow Motion

Here is a submission to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

These two snails:

One British, one Tanzanian;

One large one small.

Both slow!

The UK snail featured in an earlier challenge from May 2014

Some Very British Rain

Most rain here is of the Tropical kind. A short sharp intense downpour which is followed by hot sunshine. That has been the pattern for any rain we’ve had in the past eight months.

Not today!

Today (and in fact ever since last evening) we have had continuous rainfall. Much of this has been gentle rain, reminiscent of April showers back home. This has been indispersed with the usual heavy downpour of which we are used.  

 Reports from parts of the UK, indicate that they have had little by way of rain for a few weeks – so it looks like we have their rain here. 


Night Life (Under a Net)

Each night before turning in we put it down. Each morning when we get up we put it up.

The mosquito net.   

 Living in Africa there is the ever present risk of contracting Malaria and so precautions are necessary. It’s a matter of routine. 

 We stopped taking anti-malarial drugs fairly early on – the risk to the body of long term use  is far greater than the risk of contracting the disease. With suitable precautions it should not be an issue. 

Malaria is a disease carried by the female of just one species of mosquito (Anopheles) and thee are many different species of mosquito. Furthermore you have to have been bitten by a mosquito which has recently bitten someone with Malaria. 

Here in town and working in a school this is highly unlikely that this will happen. With good health malaria is not nice, but it  is not a killer either. The use of repellant (DEET), a fan (mosquitoes like still air) and a net combine to reduce the risk at night.    

A mosquito net covers the bed. Our net is attached to a frame suspended from the ceiling. This is a bit of a pain as it is a little small for the bed – it is stretched a little bit works provided the bed is not moved. Our net is not walk-in nor does it surround the bed as some do. This means we need to put it up and down which can be a pain.     

  A better option we will consider soon is attaching a T-bone to either end of the bed (a T-shaped piece of wood at both ends) and suspending a net from this. If the arms of the “T” are long enough it should surround the bed more effectively.

For now our net keeps us safe each night.