Daily Archives: April 18, 2015

Uganda Retrospective: Nile Cruise

Whilst in Jinja on our recent trip to Uganda we were able to experience the River Nile in two very different ways. We spent one day white water rafting, but the evening before we took in the Nile at a more sedate pace as we had a Sunset Cruise. It was a great evening.


Before we set off we were pleased and surprised to bump into three colleagues from school (Paul, Karl and Julian also with his son) returning from a kayaking trip and holidaying in Uganda.  It’s a small world!

Our trip was supposed to have been shared with a party from a  brewery company but in the end they were late meaning the boat was just us and Anna, another ex-pat NGO on holiday from South Sudan. We all decided not to have the accompanying  disco music but to take in the Nile’s atmosphere. As the sun slowly set we got some glorious sunsets.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird (Wag Hill)

A submission to this week’s photo challenge: Early Bird. A couple of photos from our November trip to Wag Hill. There are more pictures of the Dawn here.

Wag Hill Dawn 1 Wag Hill Dawn 2


Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

From our recent Uganda trip – the dawn over Kampala with an actual early bird. A submission to this week’s photo challenge: Early Bird