Uganda Retrospective: Putting Up A Front

One of the things which struck us as we traveled across Uganda was the shop fronts. From town to town, wherever we went from Kampala to Jinja to Murchison Falls to Mbale to Entebbe and all towns in between, the buildings looked the same. I decorated they were drab rectangular boxes, yet most were decorated in bright colours. There was no randomness here – this was all planned and designed, meticulously painted adverts for local and international companies. Each building becoming an advertising hoarding.


What I particularly liked was the way the painting followed the contours. All roofs had indents with air bricks. However the painter continued to paint in perspective so the viewed head-on or from the side, the advert remained in tact.30 Bukoba to Kampala (37)

Initially I thought these adverts were related to the shop, but on closer inspection the shops did not always relate to the adverts painted above.

This style of building and it’s painted adverts was unique to Uganda – here in Tanzania although some walls are painted with ads it is very much rarer and the buildings much different.

4 responses to “Uganda Retrospective: Putting Up A Front

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  2. Amazing images! 😊


  3. Just a little different to Milton Keynes!

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