For any who have known us a long time, you will see how close the title of this blog is to a name we used to represent our relationship. 

However here it reflects a summary of our great two week holiday in the beautiful country of Uganda. 

Today we are heading out of Uganda and back into Tanzania, leaving behind many memories as well as the country.

Our journey here almost two weeks ago seems like such a long time. In the past two weeks we have visited the Source of the Victoria Nile, White Water Rafted and swam in that same river. We have cruised it twice at Jinja and again at Murchison Falls. We have seen the wild animals in the safari park of the same name. We have visited the torrential water of the Murchison Falls as well as the equally dramatic but different Sipi Falls. We have crisscrossed the country visiting Mbale where we visited Olivia and her fellow NGO volunteers working with Street Children and Slum Dwellers and eaten a good dinner in that same slum. Explored village life on route to another Fall. We have been to Entebbe where we have visited the White Rhino, Chimps and Shoebill; been on a guided tour of the Botanical Gardens and seen where Tarzan was made in the 1960’s.

Our hub has been Kampala, the capital where we have returned no less than five times. A city of immense traffic jams, where we enjoyed our first cinema for almost 8 months, some Western style shopping in a mall, a fabulous Easter Sunday service at Watoto Church, and numerous visits to the bus station. 

Coaches have been the mainstay of our travel, this has been a great and cheap way to get around. We have met loads of fellow travelers from across Africa and the world, many NGO’s on a break from their valuable work. It has been great to hear their stories. We have also met many many friendly, helpful Ugandans.

All in all a fabulous fortnight as Ugandalongs!

4 responses to “Ugandalongs

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  3. In the light of your post, I’m just wondering, therefore, if uGANDA will be your future home!!


  4. So many wonderful memories and experiences!😊👍👏


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