Sipi Falls

Sipi Falls are a one and a half hour journey by taxi from Mbale and well worth a visit if your here or even if you’re not. We left early at 8:30am which was definitely the best time to go -of which more later.There are three falls in total and courtesy of a Mbale expat we met in Endiros yesterday I pass on this tip. Drive up to Sipi Falls Lodge and obtain a guide there (you definitely need a guide). The main reason is that the best view of the Middle of the falls is from the Lodge grounds.Our guide was Martin a Sipi local who  was very knowledgeable. We started at the middle of the three falls before ascending to the top falls and descending to the lowest fall – better that way as you do two shorter ascents and a descent rather than descending first and doing a long ascent (people often run out of steam apparently). The other advantage is that this way each successive fall is more impressive than the last. 

Fall two is impressive enough though at 58m.       

The view looking back was also impressive.  


We continued our ascent to the top falls which are 88m high. As we ascended it started to rain.
Having got to the top and admired this fall. 


 We descended along muddy paths – it was more Slippy Falls than Sipi Falls at this point and we were glad of our walking boots and poles to help us. Amazingly our guide did the whole walk with no poles and ordinary shoes. 

We arrived at the viewpoint for the lower fall (100m high).  


We chose not to to the bottom and we’re glad as the rain began to torrent down at this point making any descent treacherous. Even our ascent was troublesome but we made it back in one piece, if a little wet. 

We had preordered lunch from the lodge which was very welcome. As we ate the rain bucketed down for a while. This gave a chance to relax and strike up a conversation with a couple (she Swedish, he South African) both with an NGO background. She currently in Congo, he studying in London, on holiday together in Uganda (quite a separation most of the time). We had a good chat about all things African (his PHD is based around South Sudan where he had been posted, the second person in a week we had met who was / is based in that country). One of the best things about this break has been the chats with folk we have met – this will be another blog post I think.
A fabulous day in Sipi – I can heartily recommend it.

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  4. Great photos! What amazing falls!

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