Game Drive and Falls

Day two of our Safari at Murchison Falls took us on a Game Drive. We were up early but quickly had to change plans as the rains of the night before had flooded the road into the Park   

This meant a 40km detour, past road side Ugandan Villages – these traditional villages were once refugee camps for people displaced by the LRA, in there war against the Ugandan government in the ’90s. 


On entering the park we saw antelope of various kinds (Hartebeest, Bushbuck, Kob), Giraffes,  Elephants, Buffalos, Warthogs and various birdlife – as the phone ran out of battery again here are a few (more on the camera)



Then after a delay we boarded a boat which sailed up the Nile towards the bottom of the falls. Here we saw numerous hippos and a few crocs, lots more birds and a few elephants.  

 The gentle cruise on the Nile took us up to the base of the Falls and back. It was a chilled three hours. 


A short game drive then took us back to the park exit (it’s flood waters having reduced) and back to our campsite. 



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