Murchison Falls 

today we returned to the nNile for the third day running. This time though we were a lot further North in a place called Murchison Falls.  Here the River Nile rushes through a gap only a few metres wide with awesome power. If we though yesterday Rapids were wild this is on a completely different scale. No iPhone pics again as mine ran out of juice, but Anita took one pic on hers do here it is. 


We stayed for many minutes before continuing our journey through the game park. Here along the Nile we encountered a variety of beasts, giraffe, buffalo, elephants, lions hartebeest, cob, bushbuck, ground hornbills, warthogs sand many more pics of some will come soon. The highlight of the game drive had to be a mother lioness and cubs hiding in a bush. 

If you had said Nile to me before I would have thought Egypt, but now Uganda has an equal claim in my mind.

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