Bukoba Bound

Today we leave Mwanza. Our journey takes to Bukoba. This town on the western edge of Lake Victoria used to be an overnight ferry ride, now due to mechanical failure the ferry does not run, so it’s a lengthy bus journey from Mwanza, this is the first of many bus journeys which will take us out of Tanzania over the equator and into Uganda. 

It was an early rise for an 8:30am bus, sadly our booked bus was broken down. Although our tickets were transferable, the next bus on offer looked old and decrepit, with scratched down the side and rather overcrowded. Our original bus had been chosen for being more modern and of British origin, we had allocated seats near the front. We eventually got onto a second bus which looked more modern, although our seats were now near the back. It’s going to be a long drive.

For now Bukoba awaits us. This town founded in 1890 seems pleasant enough but offers a tourist little more than an overnight stop. Images from Bukoba will follow if time permits and images worthy.

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