Monkeys On The Roof

Today was the first of six practical exams I will invigilate over the next six working days. These two and a half hour exams are mind numbing. So in the silence I contemplated my next blog post. This is written below in the form of a poem conjured in my head at the time. There may be others.

Note the monkey image was taken back in September.

They love to run.
They love to leap. 
From roof to roof.
To tree to roof.
A proverbial herd of elephants.
In fact a troop of monkeys.
Above my head.

Above my head.
As I sit in the silence.
No other sound.
But monkeys.
Running, leaping, jumping.

Only in Africa!

One response to “Monkeys On The Roof

  1. As you invigilate
    From as early as eight.
    Construct your ditty
    Feeling witty!
    Time goes slow…
    So long to go…Zzzzz…
    Roll on Saturday!


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