Jembe Ni Jembe

Jembe Ni Jembe is a beach resort south of Mwanza. Last night we visited there for the first night with a group of colleagues. One of my colleagues runs a dance group (they performed at the Rock City Charity Ball), and last night they were in a dance competition with the resident dance group.

Jembe Ni Jembe, really is in the middle of nowhere, a half hour along rough roads through the countryside before arriving at the complex. We are told this place has amazing views in the daytime so we will need to return here in the light, but last night the place was lit by LED lights, an oasis of luminescence in the darkness.

After the competition and some food we stayed on for the club disco into the early hours. Good fun!

2 responses to “Jembe Ni Jembe

  1. Your picture of the moon is interesting because on this coming Friday there will be a total eclipse over UK , and in our area weather permitting we should see the effect it has around 9-34am. ☀️🇬🇧


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