Sweaters in the Sun!

It’s been meltingly hot today. It says 31° on Accuweather but personally it has felt hotter – certainly in my ICT room, well above the temperatures which closed the ICT suites in the UK. Imagine my surprise to see a number of students wearing cardigans and sweaters today. As I perspired these students seemed quite comfortable, dressed as they were. For me the fact I have to wear long trousers is bad enough – to contemplate adding an extra layer to the top half seems utterly unthinkable.

When questioned two girls commented it had been “cold in the morning” (it was, in fact, a very pleasant 24°C this morning). Another boy simply said “I’m used to it”. After six months I have certainly acclimatised a little – I doubt I could have coped with these temperatures back in September, it does indeed feel cool when it drops to 18°C on some nights – but I doubt I will ever acclimatise that much.

One response to “Sweaters in the Sun!

  1. It’s an age thing, Graham! Remember young people in UK walking around with bare arms and midriffs in freezing winter?


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