Morning Sweep

Each morning on the walk to work we pass through another local Tanzanian school. The children brightly dressed in purple and yellow, are working away with little brushes, home made out of palm branches, they sweep the paths around their school. The patterns on the soil following a sine curve in the sand. Leaves and some rubbish is collected into sacks which are deposited elsewhere.

Then at 7:30 the gong sounds and they rush to lessons; some stragglers running to get there on time.

2 responses to “Morning Sweep

  1. Fascinating insight into ‘normal’ life in your locality! How different! I can’t imagine many UK kids willingly brushing their school environment and collecting litter (every day!) – or rushing to school when the bell rings out!
    Is there a rota for this – or does every child take responsibility for keeping their school grounds clean and tidy?


  2. Could you imagine that happening in the UK ? Complaints to the local newspaper m’thinks.


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