Most Days Are Mundane

Reading back over this blog you might believe that there is a lot happening here. Lots of social events, lots of holidays. The truth is more mundane, although there are more social activities, most days are uneventful. Life is certainly different here, but there’s a lot of things that remain the same. 

Today was mainly mundane, a normal day with a parents’ evening added on top. The usual bi-weekly men’s bible study at a local hotel bar. 

Mundane days don’t make for an interesting blog – so the focus will always be the differences and not the similarities. We are in Tanzania after all!

2 responses to “Most Days Are Mundane

  1. For those of us back in the UK all news is welcome whether mundane or exciting. It all builds a picture of your life in what is to us a very different country. The mundane shows that life is not always on a high or doing the exotic and extraordinary, and can be very ‘normal’ – which we can all relate to – and stops us getting too envious!


  2. Mundane is always colour less , but much better than stressful , and better than fearful.


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