Having a Ball in Rock City

Mwanza is known as Rock City due to the large number of enormous boulders stren across the city. This name has given rise to the annual Rock City Charity Ball, which took place last night at Isamilo Lodge Hotel.


This yearly event brings the expatriate community together to raise money for local charities. These includes our very own Saturday  School, Railway Children and Village of Hope among others.

The event was held by the pool and looked fabulous, with lights strung between the palms.

The event included performances from various local and national groups. Anita on flute along with two other colleagues from my school  (Max (Cello) and Maria (Flute) started the proceedings as people came in, by playing various classical pieces.

A house band played throughout the evening and the event was headlined by a band from Dar – The Tanzanites. The evening was punctuated by a local dance troop who performed modern and local traditional dances.

They were excellent. There were also auctions – both live and silent. The first auction was the usual with people bidding enormous sums (well beyond our pay scale).  The second was an auction of items where you write down how much you want to bid and the highest bid of the evening wins. We were lucky enough to win a one night stay at Kipepo Lodge near Dar Es Salaam at a very reasonable price, which we use at some time this year. There was a raffle too, we were unsuccessful in that, but that’s usual for us.

The theme for the evening was black and white. I had a Zebra pattern shirt, Anita was planning to borrow an outfit but in town that day saw an amazing piece of Zebra patterned Kitenge cloth at 12noon and found a fundi to make an outfit which we had collected at 5pm.

The evening ended with a live band (Tanzanites) and dancing which went on into the early hours.

4 responses to “Having a Ball in Rock City

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  3. gracewilllive

    Looks like you were having a ball! I love the outfits you and Anita are wearing.


  4. Gorgeous photos! 🙂 And a kovely time too! 🙂


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